You Are Essential

You Are Essential

During the coronavirus, some have deemed hairdressers non-essential. My roots and I disagree. There are essential workers on the frontlines of this global pandemic—health care providers, law enforcement, and food production, among others. We are praying, cheering, and appreciating you. Press on! But if your name doesn’t land on that list, hear this: You are Read More

Is It Worth It?

“Is it worth it?” Landon asked. He was excited but anxious. Standing in line to board his first flight, our 8-year old grandson, white-knuckled the handle of his new luggage and asked again, “Nana, is it worth it?” His fear was anchored to a single newscast he happened to be in their family room to Read More

A Love that Pursues

I can still picture the water fountain where she went missing. Time hasn’t erased the horror. It was almost twenty-five years ago, and our first family outing after our youngest daughter was born. Melanie was a couple of weeks old; her sisters Elizabeth and Stephanie were six and four. The girls were giddy. What child Read More

Three Ways to Care for Friends Who Hurt

Jackson is accident prone. Every bump and bruise on our four-year-old grandson has a story. “You should have seen it, Nana,” he said. “I fell off my bike and my face hit the ground before my hands.” One look at his noggin and I knew he spoke truth. He then pulled three bandages out of Read More