You Are Essential

During the coronavirus, some have deemed hairdressers non-essential. My roots and I disagree.

There are essential workers on the frontlines of this global pandemic—health care providers, law enforcement, and food production, among others. We are praying, cheering, and appreciating you. Press on!

But if your name doesn’t land on that list, hear this: You are essential, too.

God created you on purpose for a purpose.

His people are essential workers on the world mission frontlines.

  • To the mom who locks herself in the bathroom for 5 minutes of peace and quiet
  • To the widow who is puzzled out and puzzled about what tomorrow holds

You are essential.

  • To the small business owners who wonder if they’ll ever be back to business
  • To the farmer planting seeds, feeding livestock, and wondering if it’s all worth it

You are essential.

  • To the pastors and teachers and leaders who are zooming and streaming, buffering and freezing
  • To the ones on the other end of those screens trying to take it all in

You are essential.

  • To the one who feels hopeless, helpless, and hindered by the quarantine
  • To the ones who don’t feel well, feel like it, or can’t deal with all the feels

You are essential.

In the last chapter of the book of Romans, is a list of men and women. A list that’s easier to skim than read slow. But there’s something there for God’s people to see.

Go ahead. Find your Bible. Turn to Romans 16 and read the names of the church in that day. By God’s grace these men and women were pressing on with the faith God had distributed to each of them (Romans 12:3). They were essential laborers in the early church.

Now write your name on the bottom of the page. Your name belongs on this list. You are an essential laborer in the church today!

You have a role to play. Be it praying, giving, serving, encouraging, or doing the hard work of putting one foot in front of the other, you are essential. COVID can’t change or cancel your call.

Whoever you are, whatever your story, or the gravel road or other dusty place where you are telling it, as a part of God’s people, you have an essential role and mission. By His grace, press on.

12 thoughts on “You Are Essential

  1. Lenae: what a blessing you are and how you live that out. I needed to hear that today as well as many others. So, so true, no matter how big or small do it all for Jesus. Satan can’t get a hold of truth filled girls.

    1. Mary Jo, you are essential and so very LOVED. And amen! Lies can’t get a hold of Truth-filled girls!

      1. Marcia, bless you for encouraging! Stay well and always remember YOU are essential!

  2. Thankyou so much. So many people, women, need to read this. Thankyou for your God given strength that you pass on to us ❤️ u

    1. Thank you for encouraging, Marie Ann! YOU are essential (and yes, so many to need to know! I agree!) And YOU are so very LOVED.

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